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Our Mission

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Our Process

After we get your registration, we get to work placing you with the best fit band for you. Age, musical experience, musical preference/style, and ability will be what we base our groups on. The first day we form our groups, make sure it’s the best fit, make any changes- and BOOM our bands are formed. 

After choosing songs, the next two weeks are spent rehearsing your songs with the help of our staff every day, along with special sessions through the camp. Songwriting, solo magic, stage performance, and life on the road are some topics covered. 

The final concert (the last Thursday of each session) will be held at TAK, where every student will be provided with a top notch experience, just like every other band that comes through the doors of TAK! Families, friends, and the public will be invited to come rock out with all the bands from the session and be pumped up and wanting to repeat the experience! 

Do I Have To Own An Instrument?

You need your own instrument to practice. If you play guitar, bass, ukulele, violin, viola, cello, clarinet, flute, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, banjo, mandolin, or harmonica you will bring your own instrument to practice everyday (Yes! all of those instruments are welcome in our Rock Camp.)  If you play piano, drums, or sing we will provide the piano, drum set, or microphone. We also supply all the mics, cables, amps, and sound equipment for each band.

June Rock Band Boot Camp Enrollment

July Rock Band Boot Camp Enrollment

Meet your teachers

Ashley Jean

Alexis Barnick

We want to hear you rock!

Once registered , feel free to send us a 60 second video of you rocking out!

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